Is Titanium Rare On Earth?

Titanium Sponge

How Much Percentage of Titanium on Earth?

Titanium is not a rare element on earth. Its content accounts for 0.45% of the total mass of the crust, second only to iron, aluminum, magnesium and other elements. So far, there are only more than 140 types of titanium minerals known to mankind.and titanium alloys has very wide applications.

The content of titanium in the earth’s crust is quite abundant, at 4400 g/ton, ranking ninth among various elements, ranking fourth among metal elements after aluminum, iron, and magnesium, and 80 times that of copper. The reason why titanium is It is called a “rare metal”. On the one hand, the reason is that although titanium is widely distributed, it lacks dense rich minerals. There are more than 140 kinds of titanium-containing minerals in the earth’s crust, but only a dozen kinds are currently valuable for mining.

Titanium Sponge
Titanium Sponge

As a lightweight metal, titanium has a high proportion of weight and strength among many elements. It is also non-toxic and non-magnetic.

and Titanium turns into liquid stone and is soluble in almost all metals, so it can form alloys with many metals. Titanium also has a memory function, which is the most compatible metal for our human body. meanwhile Titanium is inseparable from heart stents, bone titanium plates, etc.

Titanium is also used in the glasses frames, watch frames, and some sports products we wear.

What is so valuable about titanium alloys?

This involves its pressure-breaking process. First of all, titanium alloys have very high requirements for the smelting environment. At very high temperatures, titanium has very little activity, which means that titanium alloys must be smelted at high temperatures, at least above 800 degrees, and in a vacuum environment. The pressure breaking technology of titanium is not much different from other metals. The molding of titanium alloys requires casting powder, liquid gold and forging processes, especially for some parts. If high reliability and strength are required, forgings are required. To see the structure and performance of titanium alloy, we must start from the chemical composition of the alloy itself, and heat treatment is also an important aspect.