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titanium bar stock

The Defination of Ti Bar Stock

Titanium bar stock means solid bars or rods made of titanium ore. as of different shapes,there are round bar,flat bar,square bar and hexagonal bar etc. These bars are commonly used in many different industries such as aerospace, medical, and automotive due to titanium’s excellent strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility. Titanium bar stock comes in various grades and sizes to suit different applications.which make titanium a versatile metal for many different sectors.

titanium bar stock
titanium bar stock

The Specifications of Ti bar

The standard for titanium bars is often defined by organizations such as ASTM International. The ASTM specification for titanium and titanium alloy bars is ASTM B348. also there are some other standards such as ASTM B348 / ASTM SB348 / AMS 4928 / JIS H 4650.This standard covers a wide range of titanium bar grades and sizes and includes specifications for dimensions, chemical composition, mechanical properties, and tolerances. Adhering to ASTM standards ensures that titanium bars meet specific quality and performance requirements for their intended applications.

What’s the Titanium Bar Price ?

Even titanium bar and titanium rod is a versatile metal,but the quantity used is not big enough,and the price is higher than common metal,so it is always measured by usd/kg.

Considering the difference of titanium grades and sizes, it is hard to say the exact price,The titanium bars price can vary based on factors such as the grade, dimensions, quantity, and current market conditions. It’s best to check with titanium suppliers or manufacturers for the most up-to-date pricing information based on your specific requirements.

The Difference of Titanium Round Bar and Titanium Flat Bar

Titanium round bars and titanium flat bars differ in their shapes. The round bar has a circular cross-section, while the flat bar has a rectangular cross-section. Each shape may be preferred based on specific application requirements, such as load-bearing capabilities or ease of machining.even they have the different shapes but they share the same standards,grades,sizes etc,and they can cut-to-length to meet various applications.titanium bar stock is always ready for a inquiry.

What Makes BESTI a Good Ti Bar Supplier?

Besti is one of global titanium suppliers in China,where has plenty of titanium factories and manufacturers in Baoji,ShaanXi province,besti has more than 13 years experience in exporting kinds of titanium metals,such as titanium bar stock,titanium seamless pipes,titanium tubings,titanium sheets etc,Besti has extensive network of mills knowing everyone’s stregnth products and which can produce specified products and offer fast delivery.we also know extensive inventory and match custom requirements. we can gate-holder of titanium metal export and make customer satisfied with all the transactions.

Besti’s slogan is best time to grow and prosper.which sincerly a good with for both titanium buyers and besti itself. it is a good time to grow together.and our commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

Besti hires 20 experienced international trade salesmen and woman which is very professional elites in exporting business knowing how to outsource,negotiate,give strategic solutions,supply finacial supports etc.