Oil and natural gas exploration and development can be divided into land mining and offshore mining. The oil and natural gas contained in the earth’s crust accounts for about 60% on land and about 40% offshore. The oil and gas in the offshore crust such as the Bohai Sea and the South China Sea are exploited. It is also of great significance.
Before the industrialization and large-scale application of titanium alloys, the shells of commonly used logging tools were made of 45 steel, 40Cr steel, and 30MoVNb steel. However, they could not meet the needs of modern technical logging. Modern high-tech oil and gas exploration and development requirements. The metal shell of the logging instrument must not only withstand a pressure greater than 98MPa, but also be resistant to corrosion from underground crude oil and various media. In addition, in well logging, it must have a small absorption rate of natural gamma rays. In magnetic logging, It cannot produce a shielding effect on the geomagnetic field. From these performance requirements, titanium alloy is an excellent material for preparing the logging tool housing.