With the development of science and technology and the increasing depletion of land resources, human development and utilization of the ocean has been put on the agenda. Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance to seawater and is widely used in fields such as seawater desalination, ships, ocean thermal energy development and seabed resource extraction.

Icebreakers As early as the 1960s, China had begun research on the application of titanium and titanium alloys in ships and ocean engineering equipment, and had done a lot of work. It has basically formed a large number of brands, different performances, and complete varieties and specifications. Marine titanium alloy system. Due to the characteristics of titanium and titanium alloys, they have unique advantages in the application of ships and offshore equipment. Therefore, they are widely used in nuclear submarines, deep submersibles, atomic icebreakers, hydrofoils, hovercrafts, and minesweepers. As well as propellers, seawater pipelines, condensers, heat exchangers, etc.

In terms of ship applications, the amount of titanium used is currently very small, accounting for no more than 1% of the total weight of ships. There is huge development potential in the field of titanium and titanium alloys for ships and offshore equipment. In addition, in terms of seawater desalination and coastal power stations, due to the huge market demand for seawater desalination and coastal power stations, the market application prospects of titanium will be very broad if the cost of titanium alloys is further reduced and product quality stability is improved.

Titanium is a material with excellent physical properties and stable chemical properties. Titanium and its alloys have high strength, small specific gravity, and resistance to seawater corrosion and marine atmosphere corrosion, and can well meet the requirements of people’s application in marine engineering. After years of efforts by people in the titanium industry and marine engineering application researchers,

titanium has been widely used in fields such as :